Elena and José after their performance at the Honolulu Academy of Arts


"It is my wish to express my enthusiastic support...and to underline the high level of artistic achievement of the eminent Spanish pianists, Elena Martin and Jose Meliton." "The pianists combine a sensitivity of interpretation with their magnificent technique. Bravo!"
Joaquin Rodrigo
(Madrid, Spain)

"Two fine professionals, enjoying themselves, play with strong rhythm and unusual clarity"..."Hypnotic...It has been a good hour or so since I played the disc, and the gorgeous music is still running through my head." "Skillful two-piano transcriptions" "Outlines are clear, passage work precise, emphasis on rhythm...they produce a nice, resonant sound...Martin and Meliton know exactly what they are doing."
Harold C. Schonberg,
Pulitzer Prize winner as Chief Music Critic for the New York Times
American Record Guide. Jan.-Feb. 2001 issue

"The two revealed at once their sense of unity, two bodies playing as a single mind and spirit. Occasional glances across the pianos were all that were necessary to keep them perfectly synchronized..." "This duo beats out all the competition!... "This duo's own transcriptions for two pianos are superb. The pianist-transcriber, who did not deviate radically from the original score, added rich coloristic effects and dense but by no means dull pianistic in filling."
Manuel Albacete, Critic
(Cleveland, Ohio)

"Ms. Martin and Mr. Meliton play in perfect synchronization and with hypnotic poetry...sharply chiseled refinement, fierce commitment, and palpable charisma."
John Salmon
American Music Teacher's Magazine. Oct.-Nov. 2000 issue

"The phrasing of the pianists playing by themselves and with the orchestra accompanying them was exemplary...like a sweet conversation...lively and delightful...I believe that Mozart and his sister would have been delighted to have heard this fine performance by Martin and Meliton, which I had the privilege to attend."
Pierre Kenyon, Music Critic
The Chieftain Newspaper Colorado

"I wish to thank you for your magnificent performance at the 2007 CAPMT State Conference. We were greatly honored to have you as our Conference Artists. You each played with extraordinary vitality and conviction, in addition to expressing intense sensitivity to one another, incredible ensemble togetherness, accuracy anf true musical understanding. The obvious rapport you maintain between yourselves was evident in the passion and unity pouring forth through every phrase in your music. Everyone attending the concert enthusiastically exclaimed how much they loved your performance."
Darlene Vlasek, President
California Association of Professional Music Teachers State (San Francisco)

"Your performances were electrifying; a truly pleasurable experience for all who attended our event. Your expressive playing is outstanding, and your ensemble, with an unified vision, truly captivating. You are both musicians of the highest caliber. I also enjoyed greatly your beautiful transcriptions for two pianos, and was very impressed by your craftsmanship!"
William Traylor, Samick Music Corporation
(Las Vegas, Nevada)

"Unique, encaptivating and truly superb performance...the program was beautifully and skillfully performed...lasting impression."
S. J. Bellardo, Kutztown University, PA.

"Ms. Martin and Mr. Meliton are capable of capturing and holding the attention of even the most critical audience...performance was filled with tragedy, drama, compassion and most importantly, a beautiful singing quality."
Hans Graaf, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

"Listening to their two-piano renditions of Spanish masterpieces is like listening to one glorified instrument: It is impossible to tell where one piano leaves off and the other begins." "Martin and Meliton have such a shared sense of timing that they need not even look at one another to synchronize those yearning stretches or eager resolutions. They feel it in their souls." "The Scarlatti-like Soler concertos sparkled with refined clarity of line and tone, while still maintaining a distinctive Iberian character."
Meg Freeman Whalen, Music Critic
Charlotte Arts Magazine, Charlotte, North Carolina

"Beautiful sound...elegant and splendid...They set the audience on fire...absolutely breath-taking."
Jose Luis Corral
Lisbon, Portugal

"Bravo!...Perfect unison...flawless...performers of profound musical integrity...crystal clarity...true authenticity...the audience was adding shouts of glee to its abundant applause...the crowd was on its feet to demonstrate appreciation."
Kate Ulett
The Pueblo Chieftain, Colorado

"It was a wonderful experience to hear the beautiful music of Spain done in such elegant manner...ensemble work was breath-taking."
Barbara Staropoli
Nazareth College of Rochester, New York

"Ms. Martin and Mr. Meliton, two wonderful Spanish pianists, know the style of their country's music so intimately...their performance met an enthusiastic response...the audience left Loke Yew Hall inspired by the beautiful sound, fire, and passion they just had heard and felt."
M. M. Chow,
Critic for the University of Hong Kong's Bulletin, Hong Kong

"Two great Spanish pianists gave an outstanding two-piano concert...their performance was so warm and expressive...We are indeed grateful to have been able to hear such a regal, refined, and beautiful performance."
Edinburg Daily Review, Edinburg, Texas

"They are musicians of the highest caliber...the artists evidenced a command of the instrument and an ensemble which was outstanding...it was memorable evening."
Immaculate Severino
Marywood University, Pennsylvania

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