You may click on the MP3 audio samples below or right click and save them to your hard drive for your reference. Each selection is a one to two minute cut of all the tracks on Duende, Jaleo, and Bougainvilleas of the Soul, and a two to three minute sample of more of Elena Martin's original compositions. (If Quicktime is installed on your computer the tracks will automatically begin to play with a left mouse click. Download Quicktime for free.)

Duende CD

1. Manuel Infante: Gracia
2. Manuel Infante: Spanish Dance No.1
3. Isaac Albeniz: Cadiz
4. Isaac Albeniz: Triana
Fourth Concerto for Two Keyboards
5. Padre Antonio Soler: Afectuoso-Andante Non Largo
6. Padre Antonio Soler: Minue
7. Isaac Albeniz: Navarra
8. Enrique Granados: The Maja and the Nightingale
Sixth Concerto for Two Keyboards
9 . Padre Antonio Soler: Allegro
10.Padre Antonio Soler: Minue
11.Isaac Albeniz: Sevilla
Joaquin Rodrigo: Cinco Piezas Infantiles
12.Children are Passing
13.After a Fairy Tale
16.Griteria Final
17.Manuel de Falla: Ritual Fire Dance

Jaleo CD

1. Isaac Albeniz: Aragon
2. Isaac Albeniz: Cuba
3. Enrique Granados: El Pelele
First Concerto for Two Keyboards
4. Padre Antonio Soler: Andante
5. Padre Antonio Soler: Minue
6. Isaac Albeniz: El Albaicin
7. Isaac Albeniz: Pavana-Capricho
8. Manuel de Falla: Danza del Molinero
9. Enrique Granados: Allegro de Concierto
Third Concerto for Two Keyboards
10. Padre Antonio Soler: Andantino
11. Padre Antonio Soler: Minue
12. Manuel de Falla: Spanish Dance No. 2

Bougainvilleas of the Soul CDBougainvilleas of the Soul CD
Two-Piano Music by Elena Martín

1. La Tempestad (The Tempest))
2. La Segunda Inocencia (The Second Innocence)
3. Vals (Waltz)
4. Mi Tarde Flamenquita (My Andalusian Evening)
5. Variaciones Sobre Un Tema RomᎴico
(Var. on a Romantic Theme)

6. Pasodoble Argentino (Argentinian Pasodoble)
7. El Laberinto (The Labyrinth)
8. Romance Entre Luz y Tinieblas
(Romance between Light and Shadow)

9. Summer Swing
10. La Mar Nuestra (Our Sea)
11. El Enigma Bonaerense (The Enigma from Buenos Aires)

More of the Duo's Own Compositions

Soledades (Loneliness) 
El Mercado Medieval (The Medieval Market) 
Candela (Fire Light) 
Añoranzas (Longing)
La Verbena 
Mi Desierto Español (My Spanish Desert) 


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